Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting - September 11, 2023


A. Call Meeting to Order B. Roll Call C. Approval of Minutes August 7, 2023 00:00:13

D. Chairman’s Opening Statement E. Administer Oath to Persons Desiring to Testify 00:01:11

F. Petitions to be Considered Final Plat 1. 4001 McDonald Rd – #26-23; Final plat of subdivision for Ponds of Stony Creek Unit 2B with 54 single-family lots 00:04:47

Planned Development as a Conditional Use: 2. 210-214 DuPage St and 15-19 Ziegler Ct - #15-23; Adaptive reuse of a portion of an existing commercial building into 5 residential units 00:11:55

Planned Development as a Map Amendment and Conditional Use: 3. 1425-1435 Summit St - #52-22 & 53-22; Expansion of an existing building providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities to include 24 additional residential beds and three additional classrooms 00:31:18

Variation: 4. 1500 Scottsdale Ct - #27-23; Vehicle use area street yard setback variation for right-ofway dedication 01:08:35

G. Other Business 01:21:21

H. Public Comment I. Summary of Pending Development Applications J. Adjournment 01:30:37

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